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Urgent action needed today to prevent biomass plant from being built in Springfield

9/8/14 - It's been two years since you've heard from Stop Toxic Incineration in Springfield about the polluting biomass plant proposed for Paige Boulevard in Springfield. In 2012, Springfield's City Council and Zoning Board of Appeals made the decisions to repeal the special permit and building permit for this project, closing the door to more pollution in our already polluted city. Unfortunately, in response to the developer suing the Zoning Board of Appeals in the Massachusetts Land Court, the court issued a decision reinstating the developer’s building permit. This means that the state has once again opened the door to more pollution within our city, and we need your immediate help to demonstrate that you still oppose this biomass plant, that you support our zoning board and you want the city council to appeal this recent decision. 

To appeal the decision, we need the City Council to vote to appeal this decision this week. The City Council is meeting this Wednesday to vote on this issue and there are three urgent things that you need to do: 

1.) Please call your Springfield City Councilor today through Wednesday and ask that he/she vote to appeal the Massachusetts Land Court decision. Make sure you also thank your Councilor for repealing the special permit in the first place and for his or her continued support to help keep Springfield's air quality from worsening further.
At this link, you can easily find the phone number for your councilor - And the best place to find out who you ward councilor is by contacting the Election Commission at 787-6190.

2.) Please call Mayor Sarno at 787-6100 and tell him you do not want a biomass plant in Springfield and would like him to support the City Council and Zoning Board of Appeals. The pollution levels in Springfield and the surrounding areas are already dangerously high; according to the EPA's National Air Toxics Assessment on cancer risk and respiratory risk, the Springfield area is the most polluted region in the state and one of the most polluted in the nation.  Allowing this incinerator to be built and emit more toxic pollutants into our air is counterproductive at a time when Springfield needs to clean up.  

3.) Attend the City Council meeting this Wednesday at 5:00 at City Hall where the councilors will vote to appeal Massachusetts Land Court's decision. It is important that we have a full house! 

Thank you for your continued support. Together, we can still say no to more pollution in Springfield!



Let Governor Patrick and DEP Commissioner Laurie Burt know that you don't support incineration, using the following message:

Dear Governor Patrick and Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Laurie Burt:
I oppose new incinerators, including gasification and more waste burning. In the next Solid Waste Master Plan 2010-2020, I urge you to close the incinerator loophole and strengthen the moratorium on new incineration to ban the use of waste as fuel. I support Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to get us on a path towards zero waste.

  • Call or write Gov. Deval Patrick, MA State House, Rm. 280, Boston, MA 02133; 1-888-870-7770
  • Call or write Commissioner of  MA DEP, Laurie Burt, 1 Winter Street, Boston, MA, 02108; 617-292-5500; MassDEP.Commissioner@State.MA.US 


Want to get involved in the efforts to keep this incinerator and others like it from polluting our communities?  Call 455-3829 or 734-4948 or send an email to




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